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Meet Our People


Thiru K.Kailasam, our pioneer who began his journey with great hope and anticipation. He owns AVS and Sakthi Kailash Institutions with prestige and is leading it to new heights of glory. He is known for his simplicity and practical approach to vital issues in the area of institutional governance. His vision is to embark education, bring out students who can assure sustainable and prosperous society.


Mr.Raja Vinayakam is a person who wants to create healthy environment for ideas to develop, adopt new practices and keeps an open mind to accept change. His aim is to facilitate children to not only excel in academics but also as conscious citizens who can contribute for our nations development. His vision is to think ahead of time and develop students as future entrepreneurs with self-respect and leadership qualities, who in turn can create job opportunities


Mr.Senthil Kumar is receptive to new thoughts and believes that action speaks louder than words. He also encourages transparency, objectivity and efficiency in the administration of an organization. He also creates opportunity for students with different background to learn world class education widening their knowledge to meet global standards.


Mr.Venkata Alagiri, had done an extensive work on students with his exemplary determination, honesty, sincerity and hard work. He is credited to have conducted umpteen in-service training programs for all categories of teachers and seminars for students. His achievements also focus on his successful accreditation processes and reforms during his tenure in various schools in India and abroad. His aim is to make the students globally aware by using innovative, latest technology, adopting activity oriented teaching and personality development that includes tolerance, compassion, honesty, leadership and integrity to have great respect for Indian culture and ethos.


Mr.Geoffrey Davidson is person whose mastery and command over English language is well-known to people in and around Salem.He has conducted numerous training sessions for school and college students helping them to emerge as confident young men and women.His passion towards the language and knowledge about the pedagogy of language acquisition has helped him author several text books for school college students.